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Wood Flooring and noise

The demand for parquet and strip floors in apartments and flats increases considerably year for year. Stringent demands are placed on these floors, however, with regard to the reduction of impact noise, often 10 dB. In this context, Elastilon BV
is a regular customer of the Peutz acoustic consulting company. Peutz, an institution recognised by the government, was selected at the time because of its extensive expertise and its international reputation. As well as the Netherlands, the company also has branches in Paris, London and Düsseldorf, and this is very important for a product such as Elastilon.

For some considerable time now, at the request of Elastilon BV, this company has been conducting regular research into the improvement of impact noise in accordance with the ISO 140-8:97 standard that applies to all the countries in the European Union.

This investigation includes series of 15 to 18 measurements a day, because, as is well-known, every different combination leads to a different result.

It is therefore a misconception that a specific reduction of the impact noise value can be attributed to a certain type of insulating underlay; it is always necessary to add that a specific value was obtained for a specific combination of underlay with a specific type of parquet or strip floor.

In the meantime, a large number of combinations with Elastilon have passed this difficult test. Click here for the full Peutz report.

We would like to add here that if a floor for which the impact noise reduction has not yet been determined is specifically requested for an apartment, this type of floor could be included in the next series of daily measurements in order to obtain the required and necessary confidence and clarity in this respect.

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