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Wood flooring and heating

In the context of energy-saving and comfortable living, the days of the radiator are over. In the near future, housing will no longer be built without under-floor heating. Austria and Switzerland are quite a few years ahead of us in this respect. As well as being ‘under-floor heating countries’, they are also outstanding ‘parquet countries’. Traditional methods for laying parquet (glue and cement) have difficulties with this combination. Elastilon Lock was therefore developed for use in these countries.

When using Elastilon Lock, the under-floor heating system and the parquet system form a fully integrated unit, in which every smallest part of a square millimetre joins the systems together completely and perfectly.


The “Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie (Development and Testing Laboratory for Wood Technology) EPH” in Dresden and the “Institut für Fussbodenbau (Institute for Floor Construction) IFF” in Koblenz have tested every detail of the developed system. The results of these test reports and the quality certificate can be found below.

Click here for test report IFF 723 – shear strength and thermal resistance.
Click here for test report IFF 725 – resistance to alternating climate.
Click here for the quality certificate.

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