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BannerElastilonExpElastilon, an adhesive mat for laying floors; a totally new, remarkable revolution which makes the use of screws, nails, glue or clips completely unnecessary during the laying of parquet and strip floors and which, with its follow-ups, has conquered the whole world in record time… would you like to know more? Read on!

Solid strip floors are still the Porsche among floors: expensive, difficult to control, indefatigable and prestigious. Whereas previously sturdy and complex sub-constructions and a lot of strong screws were needed to prevent the inherent movement of the wood as much as possible, the producers of these floors now try to apply them floating which means that they are not fixed to the surface. The result of this is advanced, high-tech floor sections with ingenious tongue and groove connections.

At the same time, Osbe Parket BV has developed a completely new, revolutionary and remarkable laying system called ‘Elastilon’ and has been given a worldwide patent for it. The idea: the wooden sections are pressed together on an elastic adhesive mat which has been previously rolled out and then the protective layer between the floor and the mat is removed. It is therefore the opposite of a label which is conceived of as elastic and/or resilient.

Elastilon is, because of the heavy adhesive layer, a unique laying system and subfloor in one which pulls the floor segments together almost seamlessly. Wood is a complex material but this system solves many problems.

These include:

  • a perfect solution for an old problem (shrinkage and swelling)
  • adhesive layer on the bottom of the floor segments seals them off hermetically (no warping)
  • almost emission-free (no contamination of the interior)
  • no deformation of the segments due to the ‘dry adhesion’ (warping)
  • rapid and clean laying (time saving from 50 to 70 %)
  • no nails in the wood (which are visible after renovation)
  • high degree of living and walking comfort (possibly to whisper quiet)
  • permitted in apartments and multi-storeys (high contact sound reduction possible)
  • continuous elastic tensile stress pulling the segments together (no seam forming)


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