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Elastilon Basic

Elastilon Basic is the base onto which all other patented Elastilon systems have been grafted. It represents a completely new, revolutionary and extraordinarily spectacular laying system for parquet and strip floors. The fact that this product became world-famous almost overnight – as if the entire parquet sector, which is a merciless judge of quality, had been waiting for it – took even us by surprise.
elastilon basic 

Elastilon Basic, the product that makes this laying system possible, is intended for solid or layered flooring elements manufactured from stable types of wood with low coefficients of contraction and expansion. It can be used for wood types such as oak, afzelia, iroko, merbau and for laminate constructions, but not for the advanced two-layer parquet and not for beech wood in general, although it is suitable for the compressed beech strip boards manufactured by Junckers in Denmark.

Elastilon Basic (30 kg/m³) is available in the following thicknesses:

  • 3 mm (standard)
  • 5 mm (sport)
  • 10 mm (sport)

Other thicknesses on request.

Click here for the technical specifications. 

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