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Elastilon Sport

Elastilon Sport has the density of Elastilon Basic (30 kg/m³) or Elastilon Strong (50 kg/m³), from which it can only be distinguished by its thickness. Depending on the wishes of the building owner, it is available in thicknesses of 5 or 10 mm.

Compared to the traditional sub-constructions for sports floors, which are very expensive, highly labour intensive and difficult to handle, the big advantage of Elastilon Sport is the fact that a completely homogeneous elasticity can be obtained over the entire surface. This elasticity can be completely tailored to the desires or requirements of the architect, building owner or user, which is a clear added value and an even greater advantage.

The ballet hall at the University of Tilburg is a fine example of this: Here, the elasticity was not determined by the contractor, nor by the architect or the owner, but by the head ballet instructor.

Elastilon Sport is available in the following thicknesses:

  • 5 mm 
  • 10 mm

Click here for the technical specifications.

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