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About us

leaflet elastlaar nlThe founder of the revolutionary, remarkable, patented ELASTILON systems was OSBE PARKET BV of Eindhoven. The overwhelming, unexpected, worldwide success of this advanced method led OSBE to split off a part of the company and form ELASTILON BV. Nevertheless, the two companies still have close ties.

The way a company operates internally determines, to a large degree, the face it presents to the world. At ELASTILON we think of ourselves more as a club than a company. Everyone takes his or her own responsibility, and the management only intervenes when absolutely necessary. In practice, the need never arises. In addition to the twenty or so employees who work at our production facilities in the Ekkersrijt and Esp industrial estates, our staff consists of about a dozen highly educated personnel, including two wood technologists a specialty that happens to be sorely lacking throughout much of the sector.

ELASTILON BV is carefully and efficiently organised and extraordinarily active. The company is a key player in the branch, and the patents it has obtained have led to contacts throughout the world from north to south and from east to west. The fact that these patents are often infringed – in Britain in particular, where we have had to take drastic measures – is just another indication of the great importance of ELASTILON systems. Further evidence of the great impact of ELASTILON is the fact that our systems are being installed every minute of every day, somewhere in the world.

The company's philosophy is summarised in the First Law of Fred van Bers, which states: "Do justice to all". This means that the same is expected of others, and ELASTILON BV has therefore surrounded itself with dependable suppliers, dependable personnel and dependable customers. In this regard, ELASTILON BV has the luxurious position of being able to be extraordinarily selective. Relationships are only established after there has been an opportunity for a face-to-face meeting and we gain a feeling for the ethics, morality and dependability of the other party. In short, it must click between the two people or companies. ELASTILON feels at home among such companies, and that is a source of pride.

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