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Elastilon Strong

Elastilon Strong is the strong brother of Elastilon Basic. This system is applied in the same manner, with the difference to Elastilon Basic lying exclusively in its higher density, while the adhesive layer is the same. Because of its smaller dimensions, and the low pressure distribution that this causes, it is used for two-layer parquet, narrow strips, patterns and quadrants (wooden tiles) and floors constructed from woods that are difficult to handle, i.e., almost all pinewood varieties.
elastilon strong 

Elastilon Strong can also be used in apartments and multi-storey buildings without the need for additional architectural or acoustic measures. In combination with many types of parquet, Elastilon Strong remains well within the required 10 dB criterion. In addition, Elastilon Strong can be used on under-floor heating in combination with solid wood or constructions.

Elastilon Strong (50 kg/m³) is available in the following thicknesses:

  • 3 mm (standard)

Other thicknesses on request.

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