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Elastilon Removable

Elastilon Removable is the newest branch of the mighty ELASTILON tree. It is a polyethylene foam mat in the Elastilon Strong quality, but can be distinguished from the latter by the adhesive layer with Post-It-effect that has been applied to it. This effect creates a high shear strength, with the result that floor coverings applied to it (for instance cork, linoleum, marmoleum, ceramics, laminates, natural stone, and even carpet tiles, etc.) can be removed easily and quickly without causing damage.


elastilon removable 

If the Elastilon Removable is kept in dustproof conditions and the protective coating is re-applied, it can be re-used for your next project. If the tack of the adhesive layer has reduced, it can be reactivated.

Elastilon Removable can be applied in many areas. It is ideal for trade fairs and exhibitions, shops, temporary sports or dancing facilities, laboratories, the hotel and catering industry and other rooms that must be put into service once again immediately after the floor has been removed or renovated.

Another area of use is flooring combined with under-floor heating. If a defect occurs in the system, the damage will be limited to the defect itself, and the parquet floor, the cement screed, and the heating system itself will not be irreparably damaged, as is so often the case with traditional bonding.

Elastilon Removable (50 kg/m³) is supplied as standard with a 3 mm thickness.

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