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Elastilon Lock

Elastilon Lock differs from the previously mentioned types in that the adhesive layer is applied to both sides. It therefore only allows for minimal tolerances. It is applied in combination with very stable parquet systems, such as the advanced double-layer parquet or prefab pattern floors by, such as Cosmo, Italy, or the laminate flooring from Tilo in Austria. Together with under-floor heating, the parquet floor applied in this manner is a fully integrated part of the under-floor heating system, unlike glued systems, which are applied in spots. Impact noise is also reduced to a whisper.  elastilon lock 

Whereas nothing can go wrong with Elastilon Basic or Elastilon Strong, Elastilon Lock is not intended for the layman or bungler. A good idea is fine, as long as it is applied with practical intelligence. If, for example, you install a solid strip floor with a moisture percentage of 7% on Elastilon Lock, you might as well mark the date on your calendar where the fiasco
will come to light: When the heating period has been pushed aside by some tropical summer days.

Elastilon Lock (50 kg/m³) is supplied as standard with a 3 mm thickness.

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